About us

About our company

We are a local prepared water retailer that is recognized for choice, value, and convenience. We sell various related water products from our store at Solly’s center (complex behind Secunda High School) in Van Belkum Street.

Visit us to buy water on tap (own container), bottled water in various sizes, filters, containers, and related items. We also provide personalized bottle labels for your business or for special occasions.

Pensioners (over 60 or pensioners card) pay only 90 cents per liter for on tap refills.

Fill up 10 times (same size) on tap and get the 11th free. Register in-store.

Our company was founded in 2011
@Water Secunda is ideal for drinking, cooking, sports and even for children. The product is the best in Secunda, and in South Africa.!
Full Controll
Healthy Composition
6 Filtration Stages
Quality certificates
What inside

Mineral composition


5-12 mg/dm3


2-5 mg/dm3


20-25 mg/dm3


~46 mg/dm3




90-140 mg/dm3

How we extract water

  • We provide Purified Water on taps, ice, or bottles.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems, sales, service, and spares.
  • Water Purifiers.
  • Logo water bottles, personalized, functions, and events.
  • Water containers and accessories.
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